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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Weighted Darkling, "Samhain" aka Lil' Sam

Greetings and salutations! We at Haunty House hope all are having a wonderful holiday season. We have our own reason to celebrate...Small Sam has been UnBorn and we would like to share with everyone his announcement...he is looking for a Forever Home! Sam is a custom one of a kind demon baby doll crafted and customized by DemonKidz Dollworks. He is 20 inches of realistically veined and colored soft vinyl 3/4 limbs with soft and cuddly stuffed doe suede body. He weighs in around 4 pounds with realistic floppy limbs and head that needs support when held and carried. His eyes are made of glass and resemble cat's eyes. We have taken the liberty to use what we affectionately refer to as "Follow Me Eyes" - eyes that seem to follow you to each side of the doll's face. He is hand painted in heat set paints, guaranteed to never chip or peel and will stay true to their colors. He has slight blushing and bolder colors around his eyes, lips and creases, as well as minute veining on face, limbs, hands and feet. Even his teensy fingernails and toenails have a realistic look and slight shine to them. His red hair is a super soft and lightly brushable mohair wig cap. As you can see, we are just proud as pie of this lil' tyke, so if you'd like to capture him for your own, please visit our DemonKidz Etsy Shoppe for more information. Keep on Havin' Fun, and Merry Christmas to all! - Mare & the 'Kidz

Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Morning, Mariposa!

Good morning, and Happy July to ya's!

One day not so long ago, we were caught sipping cold iced tea in the shade of the breeze-filled front porch. It was a perfectly sunny day in hot, humid Central Florida, and we glanced upon a few tiny butterflies flittering amongst our herbal garden.

"Hrm", said I, feeling in a bit of a sparkly mood.

 Mariposa started her UnLife as a 14inch all vinyl, bald and blase posable child's baby doll toy. She has been customized from head to toe (and wingtip to wingtip!), becoming the prettiest lil' demonic butterfly fae.

 Miss Mariposa can be seen in more detail in our Etsy Shop, of course, where she begs for a more permanent Gardenesque home.

We hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! 
Keep cool, be safe...and Have Fun!

Mare & the 'Kidz

Monday, April 15, 2013

Head's up!

Fast heads up - my supplier for bases has a HUGE sale going on this week - so, I can offer the price reduction for 'Kidz as well! Take $40 off custom realistics/Darklings (17inch to toddler size!) til Friday! For inquiries - . I'll be snatching up a few of the bases for my own use as well!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hi there, Theodore!

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a very nifty weekend so far. It's been a busy week for us here at New Haunty, and so now it is time to sit back, relax and show off the newest Darkling looking for a home - Theodore!

He is a 19inch realistic, stuffed and weighted with 3/4 arms and legs. Handrooted super soft mohair, gold leaf flecked baby demon horns and fabulous Follow Me eyes.

Lil' Teddy...excuse me, Theodore...(he is very proud of his name, folks!) is featured in the the 'Kidz shop as means of adoption.

While we love the lil' cuss to death and beyond, some of the 'Kidz here are getting pretty darned freaked out by his chilly stare - so hopefully he finds a home in which his constant watching is appreciated!

Thanks for peekin' in on the 'Kidz, and have a great weekend!

Havin' Fun!
- Mare & the Kidz
(...and Theodore, too) 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Huge congrats for Sahreth and "Ann"!

Please help us welcome our newest completed creation, Leilani Ann Marie! 

 "Ann" (for short, says her new mommy) is a beautiful custom commission requested by Sahreth - a realistic weighted 'Kidz dollie transformed into a pale, creepy but gorgeous baby demon-girl Darkling.

   Thank you so much for the chance to create your baby, Sahreth, it was my pleasure, and she was such a good girl for me!

Havin' Fun!
- Mare & the 'Kidz 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Congrats to Peter and Blue Raspberry!

The 'Kidz are happy to present Blue Raspberry to the world at large!

Blue Raspberry was commissioned by Peter, and after many fun splashes of blues, pinks, reds, glow in the dark horns and extra sharp little teeth, she was completed and UnBorn in February of 2013.

We had an extremely fun time creating this colorful little girl and getting to know Peter, and hope everyone who sees her in town out and about on their travels giggles and loves her as much as we do.

Thanks for allowing us to create a special little girl for you, Peter!

- Mare & the 'Kidz 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Arrivals!

Happy Thursday to ya's!

I am proud to announce two new arrivals to the DemonKidz fold.
The first is extremely exciting - my DemonSpawn, B. Maze, has joined me in the creating of and designing of the 'Kidz! Due to some super extra hours at my day job and the increasing inquiries (but not enough time to start and finish each doll on my own), I finally agreed to let her help me and she has been doing a fantastic job of learning the trade - which is not surprising, as she is a wonderful artist (tattoo artist) herself!

Brit, aka "DemonChilde" will be helping with most of the prep of each doll before I step in with the details, as well as some hand rooted hair fantabulousness, which will help production so much, and make me one proud DemonMom, indeed!

As a showcase of her growing talent with the details of paintbrush artistry, she has hand detailed and painted this wee one herself, as well as rooted the beautiful head of hair. All coloration, every tip of paint, and all design on Amelia is 100% her own.

So, listed for your pleasure  is her very first, all-of-her-own DemonKidz dollie:

Please check her out and join us in our excitement!

Have Fun!
- Mare & the 'Kidz